The biggest thing you have to pay attention to when depositing or withdrawing through the Ronin chain is the address prefix.

If you are depositing from a Ronin wallet:

  1. Launch the Finblox app and select AXS or SLP, then tap Trade/Deposit and Receive AXS.

  2. Choose the Ronin Chain under Network and copy the address. Now on the Ronin wallet transfer screen, make sure to change this address prefix from "0x" to "ronin:" (e.g. 0x123456 change it to ronin:123456)

If you want to withdraw from Finblox into your Ronin wallet:

  1. Launch the Finblox app and go to Account, then tap Withdraw.

  2. Choose AXS or SLP then select the Ronin Chain network.

  3. For transferring to Ronin wallet, change your Ronin address prefix from "ronin:" to "0x" (zero, x) in the Destination Address. (e.g. ronin:123456 change to 0x123456)

  4. Complete your withdrawal.

If you have any questions, please contact support at [email protected]. Finblox is not responsible for any losses resulting from improper or incorrect transfers.

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