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What are my transaction limits?
Updated over a week ago

Transaction limits refer specifically to cryptocurrency withdrawals. Fiat and crypto deposits are not counted towards any transaction limits.

Daily & Monthly Limits

Finblox has various daily and monthly limits applied to protect your funds. The daily limits refresh every day at 00:00 UTC, while monthly limits refresh every first calendar day of the month at 00:00 UTC.



Verified Plus









Upgrading to Higher Levels

If you need higher limits, you can upgrade your account to Verified or Verified Plus levels. To upgrade, launch the Finblox app and navigate to "Account," then tap "Identity Verification." For more details on how to submit your documents to pass KYC, click here.

Accredited Investor / Corporate Account

To apply for an Accredited Investor or Corporate Account, please send an email to [email protected].

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