What are Reserved Funds?

  • Pursuant to the Finblox Terms of Use, for users who participated in the Earn program prior to 15 June 2022 (23:59:59 UTC), a portion of the stablecoin deposits were on-lent to large institutional borrowers to generate yield, one of such borrowers being Three Arrows Capital (3AC). The reserved funds are stablecoin deposits affected by the 3AC liquidation and the inability of 3AC to honour its obligations before its creditors. Therefore, all funds that were on-lent to 3AC have been affected.

  • You may read more about this market event here.

  • The funds labelled as ‘reserved’ can therefore be released only subject to Finblox reclaiming the amounts owed in the course of 3AC asset liquidation proceedings.

How are my reserved funds calculated?

Calculating the percentage of reserved funds is based on factors such as:

  • The user’s balance on 15 June 2022 (23:59:59 UTC)

  • The percentage of their asset contribution to the entire pool

  • The portion of that asset affected by the illiquidity of 3AC at that moment

Will I get yield rewards on my reserved funds?

  • The reserved funds cannot generate rewards as Finblox does not have those funds in its possession.

Will I suffer a loss?

  • The only immediate way for Finblox to un-reserve the funds is the distribution from 3AC’s liquidation proceedings, as Finblox is not in possession of these funds. Re-claiming assets from 3AC in the course of such proceedings can realistically take a number of years based on similar proceedings. We will keep the affected users updated as there are material developments and updates from the appointed liquidators (Teneo). As of today, no distributions from the liquidation proceedings have been made. As additional resources become available, subject to market conditions and the growth of the Finblox ecosystem, Finblox may aim to allocate a portion of its future operating reserves in good faith to reduce the impact of this market event on the affected users. However, any allocation Finblox potentially makes “out of its pocket” will ultimately still be a liability of 3AC.

Are new deposits affected?

  • No. Any asset deposited after 15 June 2022 (23:59:59 UTC) may be withdrawn subject to applicable verification limits. Only a portion of stablecoin funds on-lent to the Three Arrows Capital under the Finblox Terms of Use for the Earn program were affected.

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