The Finblox FBX token is a governance token that will be native to the Finblox Ecosystem. In Q4 of 2022, Finblox will make the $FBX token available to the public through its own Launchpad.

There will be two (2) rounds of the $FBX token sales:

  • The first round will be the community pre-sale to those on the whitelist

  • The second round will be open to the general public

In order to increase accessibility and strengthen the ecosystem, Finblox also intends to publish the token on cryptocurrency exchanges after these two rounds.


Got on the whitelist? Here are the perks of buying $FBX on the first round:

  • Lower priced $FBX compared to the second round

  • Staking-while-vesting: Earn 15% APY on all of your purchased FBX tokens

  • Get 5 exclusive whitelist slots for future Finblox Launchpad projects if you purchase 170,000 or more FBX tokens

  • Maximum purchase limit of FBX tokens per person is higher

  • You are eligible to still participate in the second round

Buying $FBX on the second round:

  • Staking-while-vesting: Earn 25% APY on all of your purchased FBX tokens

Note: Staking-while-vesting rewards will be distributed on the last period of the $FBX token sale vesting schedule (ETA Q2 2023). Numbers above are projections and are subject to change.

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