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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Trading
Intro to Finblox P2P Trading
Intro to Finblox P2P Trading
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  1. What is P2P trading?

    P2P (peer-to-peer) trading is a type of digital currency transaction in which users buy or sell cryptocurrencies directly from one another on a P2P platform.

    P2P platforms act as trade facilitators by giving buyers and sellers a place to advertise their offers. While a deal is being executed, it can simultaneously guarantee the security and prompt delivery of digital assets.

  2. What are the transaction fees on Finblox P2P?

    Finblox maintains 0% transaction fees for buyers and sellers who place orders from existing advertisements on the Finblox P2P platform, while makers/merchants who post trade advertisements will be charged 0%-0.1% transaction fees.

    *Please note that certain payment method service providers may impose additional transaction costs

  3. What must I do before trading on P2P?

    • All users must complete Identity Verification and pass at least the "Verified" level to start P2P trading

    • Ensure that you have enabled your 2FA in your Security settings

    • Add your preferred payment methods for receiving or sending fiat payments

    • Add your preferred contact method or messaging app for communicating with your trade partner

  4. What fiat currencies are supported?

    Finblox supports Vietnamese Dong (VND). Other fiat currencies will be made available at a later time.

  5. Is P2P available on the Finblox mobile app and web app?

    You can buy and sell your crypto through the Finblox mobile app. The P2P trading function is available on version 0.72.0 on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The web app version will be made available soon.

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