Fate Blazing Stars ($FBS) is the in-app digital currency used while exploring and partaking in the many innovative programs made available within the Finblox ecosystem. The main utility of $FBS is that it will be used as the in-game currency for DestinyX, our prediction markets platform.

With DestinyX, users can explore and choose from various events - and predict the outcomes for a chance to win prizes. Users are encouraged to research on their favorite events before participating in that event. Prizes are rewarded to users who hold the correct answer for the event outcome after resolution.

$FBS is obtained when users swap their stablecoins (USDT, BUSD, DAI). In the future, we will have a variety of upcoming mini-games that $FBS can be used for.

  • $FBS can only be purchased by converting from stablecoins.

  • The supply of $FBS is unlimited.

  • We have proposed that 1000 $FBS will be worth roughly US$1.00

Disclaimer: This information is based on November 2022 Finblox Product Roadmap. The purpose and price of the $FBS Token may be changed without further notice.

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