The trading fee cashback is more like a discount that reduces your selling fee upfront. The amount of cashback you receive depends on your current Finblox Loyalty Level. Learn more about the perks and benefits of the loyalty levels here.

If you have a higher loyalty level, you will receive a higher cashback percentage. For instance, if you are a Galactic level user, your fee cashback is 10%.

This means that if you sell your 1,000 $FBS predictions, and your fee is 200 $FBS, you will receive a cashback of 20 $FBS. This reduces your selling fee from 200 $FBS to 180 $FBS, which means that you will receive 820 $FBS when you sell your predictions.

How do I check my Finblox Loyalty Level?

You can check your current loyalty level on your profile page. Launch the Finblox app, then tap Account.

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