What are boosted payouts?

When you make a prediction on an event with a zap icon⚡️ early on, you have the chance to increase your estimated payout. This means you can potentially get a larger share of the pool's liquidity (if you predict correctly) compared to someone who predicts nearer to the closing time.

How do I know if an event will give me a boosted payout?

Look for the zap icon in the event's title. That's your cue that the event is eligible for a boosted payout. Tip: Check the "What's new" filter from time to time 😉

When do I have to make my prediction to get a boosted payout?

The earlier, the better! It will depend on the time of the event's publication, so it's best to check DestinyX regularly for events with the zap icon. Remember, as long as you see the zap icon, you're eligible to get a boost.

Happy predicting! 🔮⚡️

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