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What is the FinLaunch Risk-Free Program?
What is the FinLaunch Risk-Free Program?
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We understand that engaging in token sales can be intimidating at times, and we want to make sure that our users are confident in their decisions. As a result, we have instituted a Risk-Free Program.

What is the Risk-Free Program?

FinLaunch's Risk-Free Program allows customers to request a refund of their token purchases within a given timeframe of the Token Generation Event (TGE) and listing date. This program is intended to give users a risk-free way to participate in our token sale. The refund window is typically set to 24 hours following the TGE. However, the actual duration may vary depending on the conditions of the launch.

The Risk-Free Program seeks to boost consumer confidence and allow them to make sound decisions. We endeavour to establish a transparent and secure environment throughout the token sale process, whether you want to claim your tokens or request a refund.

Will I be refunded in full?

Once your refund request is submitted, you will get a refund for the total amount of your purchase order. Please keep in mind that any changes in the token's value or market movements will not be taken into account when processing the refund.

Can I claim my unlocked tokens and refund the rest of the vested tokens?

No. When you choose to claim your tokens, you are considered to have claimed your entire purchase order. The refund program applies to the total purchase order placed during the token sale and does not allow for partial refunds.

Is there a fee when I refund?

No, there is no charge for the refund process. If you requested a refund within the stated deadline, you will get your whole purchase order amount in the same crypto asset that you used to make the initial transaction.

What happens if I don't choose Claim or Refund after the specified period?

If you do not initiate the "Claim" or "Refund" action within the specified period, the system will begin the auto claim procedure. This guarantees that the tokens are distributed to your wallet in accordance with the vesting schedule, and implies that the refund option is no longer be available. Click here to learn how to claim your launchpad tokens.

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